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MyBKexperience is the website to measure the customers' satisfaction. By analyzing the survey answers given by customers, Burger King will get to know which aspects need to improve. Based on your submissions on, burger king can fulfill what improvement would customers exactly seeking and decision making will be totally relied on the assessment of this customer survey. Submit the burger king survey and get free burger on your next visit to burger king

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How to Submit the MYBKExperience Survey:

  • Enter the Restaurant Number Specified on your burger king bill receipt
  • Choose the appropriate Language : English, French
  • Proceed to next page and enter the 20 digit survey code printed on your bill
  • Start the Survey and Answer the specified questions honestly, based on your experience of recent visit to the burger king.
  • Complete the survey and at end you will be awarded with validation code which you can use to get free whopper or chicken sandwich in your next visit
Burger King is one of the eminent fast food chains which is specializing in supplying of burgers to its customers. The organization has been expanded its stores to more than 12,000 outlets across the globe. Even though it has many competitors, Burger King focusing on development of its business well. In this way, it concern to satisfy all customers' needs effectively by listening to them through the survey which is named as customer satisfaction survey. This survey main motto is to collect the opinions about last experiences of customers with the Burger King.

In order to prove that you're a loyal customer to Burger King, you can take Burger King survey or BKexperience customer satisfaction survey which is a good place to express your views about the services of the company and submit the feedback. With the Burger King receipt only, you can be a part or participant of this survey. By providing basic entails like date and time of visit and store number, you will be able to complete the survey within a couple of moments. It really appreciates your time to take the survey and revert back with reward points to get free service. ]

Accordingly, you can receive coupon code once you've completed the survey successfully. This coupon code will be redeemable at one of the Burger King store. You can also claim free whopper sandwich or original chicken sandwich or Croissan sandwich. 

For example, there are many complaints about the friendliness of Burger King staff so it is encouraged to create a friendly environment among employees. The performance of the staff directly impact on the customers' visit to the store and willingness to return to the store again.

For suppose, customers may complain about the cleanliness of the outlet. The company has to respond to it as soon as the possible. So on the next visit, customers can feel comfortable and enjoy the environment what they want. Burger King is not only the medium to share the experiences about restaurant but also you can consider My BK experience to participate in the survey which constitutes of a set of questionnaire relevant to the opinions about last visit to the restaurant. You can also state that you're highly satisfied with their food and service.

Requirements for Participating in MyBKexperience

If customers want to enjoy the tasty burger, you can come to Burger King to experience it. If it offers free sandwich and burger for free, customers will be attracted to this offer. In fact, you can also enjoy free sandwich or whopper if you've been take part of the MyBKexperience survey. This survey is available at online website In order to access the survey, you're required to own these items such as receipt from the store and laptop, PC or tablet with internet connection. Without using this receipt, you can not be able to access the survey. 

After purchasing the product, you need to keep the receipt from the cashier. The receipts contain basic entails about the purchased products and this information is helpful to enter at survey portal. You can begin the survey by entering the valid store number in addition to the bk survey codes. By using a laptop or PC or mobile device, you can access MyBKexperience very easily. But accessing through the mobile device is better than using a laptop or PC. However, the display of the survey portal is much better with a mobile device. With the preparation of these two items, you can able to access the survey. 

Additionally, you can also need to allocate a few minutes of your time to accomplish the survey. The duration of the survey totally relied on your internet access and your speed to respond the questions. Here, you should make a note that one receipt can be used to access the MyBKexperience once. If in the case you can not complete the survey, you will not allow to re-participate in the survey based on same receipt. After completion of the survey, you need to note down the coupon code. If you want to get redeem points for your coupon code, you should submit it to the store before making a purchase. 

Rules for MyBKexperience Survey

It's better to know the survey rules which are very important as knowing the requirements for participating in the survey. Analyzation of rules may helpful for customers to know the limitation of the survey. Besides this, they can also get to know how to complete the survey very easily. As a result, customers can enjoy free Whopper sandwich from the company. 

One receipt for one survey

For suppose, if you have only one receipt, you will have only one chance to complete the survey and it will not allow you to use this code later for filling the survey. 

Limitation of the Survey

The survey is making eligible to the candidates for one month only. So that, you may not allow to enter the survey more than one time within 30 days of time. Here, you should make a note that MyBKexperience reward is not available for the employees or the staffs' family of Burger King. There is no rule for age to participate in the survey luckily. In the sense that, it will not consider your age and any one can be part of this survey. But the rule is that if the participants have less than 13 years old, they should accompany with the parents. 

Burger King Survey Period

You can find some survey periods in one year. When survey period is over, it will close the survey automatically. That means, you will not be able to find any survey code on your receipt and MyBKexperience survey portal still be accessible. Although, you will not allow to fill the survey form. When it comes to this case, you're required to wait for some time until it follows the survey period. 

Survey reward

To claim the survey reward, it will give you 30 days of time. So, you have to redeem the coupon within 30 days after completion of the survey. The reward depends on promotional offer and it may give different reward for every survey period. On behalf of rewards, you can ask for sandwiches, Burger King Whopper Sandwich, or Croissan'wich. Before claiming the reward, it will show you some free meals. It is noticeable that you should follow some rules and regulations while taking the survey. Even if you miss the single point of rule from the sections, you may miss the chance to get free whopper and might waste your survey code. 

  • Whether you may find any mistakes or misunderstandings. In this case, you will not allow to take the survey with the same receipt. Before filling the survey form, it's better to read the instructions provided carefully and not waste your receipt and free food. 
  • You should also remember a note that one receipt is valid for taking only one service and it will not allow you to take another survey with the same receipt. 
  • The receipt is valid for 30 days from the day of visit so you can participate in the survey as soon as possible. 
  • No age limits are considered under this survey. 
  • Free food can not be claimed for cash or anything else. 

Instructions to Participate in MyBKexperience Survey

Specifically, MyBKexperience survey is easy to complete by following simple instructions. You can answer all questionnaire within five minutes of time. Many of the customers want to take survey because it offers rewards for participating in the survey. No matter which intention you're having to do the survey but you have to do it truthfully. However, you should give every response with honest and with the help of your real dining experience. Before accessing to the MyBKexperience, you must ensure that the receipt should be with you. With the use of this receipt, you can find relevant entails very easily without any hassles. Below steps are very useful to get reward from the company. 
In order to access the survey portal, you need to enter the web address on the browser. Once you press the enter button, you will be able to view the survey home page. After that, you can choose your preferred language whether English, French, or Spanish. In general, every restaurant has their own unique store number and search for this number on your Burger King receipt when you've visited. If you've entered the wrong code, it will prompt you to show the alert message.
  • Note down survey validation code 
If you provide the correct store number, it will take you to next page of the survey. After that, you're required to enter the survey code. You could also enter the time of your transaction if necessary. The details of survey code and time of visit both are available on the receipt.
  • Respond to Burger King questionnaire 
Under survey webpage, you need to answer all of the questions truthfully no matter based on which purpose you want to answer. In the set of questionnaire, you will get some prompts to rate menus, venue, and staff's professionalism. However, you should make sure that all of your responses should be honest. Because your feedback is useful for the organization to improve the services and business quality.
  • Take the Coupon 
In the final stage, you deserve to get the coupon code after completion of the survey. With this coupon, the survey participants can claim for a free Whopper sandwich. 

General Questions will be Asked under MyBKexperience Survey

After entering into the survey page, you will be asked to some set of questionnaire about what you experienced and what you underwent at the BK restaurant outlets. The basic questions included food quality and quantity, overall experience, order accuracy, cleanliness at the stores, placing order reliability & easiness, friendliness and behaviour of employees & staffs, and services at the restaurants, and much more. Users need to answer these questions very honestly. 

How to contact Burger King Customer Service

If you have any questions about the survey questionnaire, you can contact the customer care through a telephone number or email service. You can also take help from the customer care for telling your feedback. Being a part in MyBKexperience not only way to get your feedback. There is a difference in providing feedback through the survey and contacting the customer service. 

For taking survey, you need to have a receipt from the Burger King outlet. Whereas in the customer service, you need not having any receipt to share the feedback about your experiences. Pertinently, there are three ways to participate in the sharing of feedback through customer service. You can try out to choose one of the methods of customer services whether by phone, Burger King website, or leave your message at Burger King contact form. 
  • By Phone 
If you've the immediate issue to talk, you can consider or contact the customer service through a telephone number. You can make a call to toll free number +1866 394 2493. Here, you should make a note that the customer service is only available from 7 am to 11 pm. If you want to get the fast response from the customer service, you should call them during operational hours. 
  • Online Website 
Another option is also available to contact the customer service which is an online website. For that, you need to access the online website and click on contact us tab which is available on the bottom side of the page. Once you've clicked on contact us, you will be directed to the feedback page. In the feedback page, you can choose general inquiry, bulk order, feedback, or request for sponsorship. Accordingly, there is a form which you have to fill in. You need to enter valid details like your name, email address, as well as the contact number. 

Additionally, you have to specify the date of visit and do not forget to mention the store location of the Burger King that you've visited last time. After that, you can write the feedback freely and click on submit button to share the feedback to organization. 
  • Leave your message at Burger King contact form 
You can also leave your message at contact form in which you can rate the overall satisfaction with Burger King brand by giving the star. In the next step, you can also choose the type of feedback. It included service or product feedback, Burger King mobile app, BK brown card, etc. 

Later, you must choose the category of your comment. After selecting the category, you can enter your comment or feedback in the field. It has a limitation of writing the feedback in 1000 characters only. You have to be write the comment in straightforward and press the submit button. 

About Burger King

Everyday more than 11 million customers visit the Burger King restaurants across the world. These restaurants are famous for providing high-quality, great-tasting, and affordable food. It is also second largest fast food hamburger in the world. Additionally, it is committed to offering the services like premium ingredients, signature recipes, and family-friendly dining experiences. 


Burger King has many franchisees with more than 58 years of innovation, a proven business model, and achievements. If you've any idea to initiate the business regarding fast food chains, you can do partnership with the Burger King because it helps you to take right decisions so that you can easily and quickly hit the ground running and enhance your business. Here, the options are limitless to improve your business efficiently. Accordingly, it strives to offering competitive franchising opportunities through multi-unit acquisitions and new restaurant development. The organization is determined to empower you with first-class knowledge resources and support is needed to become a member of the Burger King. It is ready to support your franchising and business developments at every time. 

Acquisition Opportunities

The company is focused on offering various training programs in order to create a sustain a bold, empowered, and accountable. You and your team can perform well at the highest levels and your business will grow in a way of profitable manner. The training team is very helpful and providing different tools that can be useful to make your business success for employees at all levels of organization. In order to get started with the training program, you're required to attend a two week franchisee orientation and log up to 440 hours of in-restaurant training. With the initial training procedures, you can able to understand all aspects of running a Burger King restaurant. 

Operations Excellence

The mission is to be creating guest experience equally outstanding whether you're in Madrid, Miami, or Manila. The comprehensive manual of operating data collaborated with the support of teams that really helps to provide the guidance needed to the restaurant teams which deliver the services at Burger King outlets. The operations team and field team both directly maintain the relationship with you and they help you to ensure that you need to operate at the highest level and protect the reputation of Burger King. 

Marketing and Advertising

Burger King has more than 50 years of brand history and counting behind the Burger King brand. The marking team of the company offering innovative ideas into winning programs that can help to expand the brand around the globe. No matter whether you're speaking which language no matter where you're living, it only focusing on providing of high-quality items. 

Support Team

If you want to become a Burger King franchisee, a team of experts who have proficient skills on how to enhance your business and gives you advice where it matters most. Director of Franchise Performance is designed to consult you on all aspects of restaurant operations and offering ongoing support. It plays an essential role in implementation of Burger King's corporation world-class operating systems throughout the organization. In a similar manner, sales, profit and operations coach works directly with the restaurant teams in order to increase the sales and profits throughout the daily execution of operations. The main objective of reviewing operations and work with your team is that implement an action plan in a way that the team will gain strength to delivery high-quality food, excellent guest service, and clean and inviting restaurants. 

Real Estate Management

The team of real estate offers expertise, support, and direction in all aspects to grow your restaurants. In addition to these, the team will give you suggestions including expansion planning, real estate site selection, market area demographics, trade area analysis, and other relevant real estate matters. 

Construction and Design Manager

The team of construction and design management provides expertise related recommendations that subsumed on site layouts, and assists you with a practical and cost-effective business approach whether you're remodelling the restaurants or establishing new one's. You can also get guidelines, source lists, equipment specifications, and design review. 

Supply Chain Management

The team of Restaurants Services Inc. negotiates the prices of goods and services which are supplied by approved suppliers and distributors to Burger King franchisees in North America. It leverages the vast purchasing power of more than 7500 restaurants. At online website, you can find the relevant updates about latest supply chain information that can helpful for the users to manage the restaurants more efficiently. 

New Restaurant Development

The main aim of the company is that develop more restaurants profitably in the best locations across the country or worldwide. It had designed a strong team which empowered with growth driving initiatives in order to assist you to recognize the right location in the country. If you're showing more willingness towards developing the signature prototype in your local neighbourhood or thinking outside the box, there are many opportunities to increase the development of new restaurants such as malls, airports, gas and convenience, colleges and universities, and other different retail locations.